Dullfur Brighstone XVII the Gay
Dullfur birth
Dullfur being born in London, Khazakhstan, The Third House on your Left down the Street
Vital statistics
Position King of the Burgers
Age 3,14
Status Alive (sadly)
Physical attributes
Height ~1.5 meter
Weight 509,32 KG

Overview Edit

Dullfur Brighstone XVII the Gay (pronounced Dull-fur Briyht-sto-unE) is a registered child molester, dog abductor, professional judge and part-time autist movement leader. He usually hangs around Dildoforge, along with his friend Hogrim and his friend-rival Hoedamn. Dullfur is secretly in love with Queen Elizabeth I and Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, and rumours have spread that he has bedded them both at the same time.

History Edit

Dullfur was born 8 months early by his father, King Jon Snow, as a backstreet whore named Pterodactylus watched the process. As soon as the baby-thing popped out of Jon Snow, "people began to wail as they knew what gayness they had unleashed upon the world of Thedas". Nevertheless, Dullfur was named heir to King Jon Snow.

During his stay in King Triton's palace, young Dullfur was seen slinging the famous "goblin balls" drug. He also got involved with the famous Rock-Rap Band "The Dickless Ferrets", named after the god of chairs xXx_Th3DickLESSFeret_xXx

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